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The Awards Ceremony will commence at around 12:30 p.m. The Hillman Literary Challenge will also take place in the afternoon, proving just how literally astute you are.


As usual, there will be a host of refreshments and food offerings at the Ramble Post-Race Soiree.  Our thanks to Wholefoods.


We are most pleased to announce that once again one of New England's long- respected songwriting talents Dennia Brennan talentswill perform at the 33rd Annual James Joyce Ramble with his band the Dennis Brennan Quatro.


Just some of his press:

"Rule No. 1”.stretches nuanced lyrics tightly over elemental rock-and-roll frames. Bits of Tom Petty pop up in the opening track, 'I Got My Own'; elsewhere, Brennan recalls such angry young Brits as Graham Parker and Joe Jackson... Brennan's latest release deserves attention."

     -- Ben Greenman/The New Yorker

"Comes on strong and packs a punch... Rule No.1 makes good on the flashes of brilliance on his two previous efforts, Jack -In -The -Pulpit and Iodine in the Wine (Upstart/Rounder)."

     -- Brett Milano/Boston Phoenix

"Brennan has just released a sterling set of tunes, Rule No. 1 (Esca), on which all of his strengths as a singer-songwriter come into full focus. When he sings of broken promises or words left unspoken, you feel the heartbreak and you sympathize... The truth is never in black and white but always in the shadows... music is melodic and nuanced... seducing you with understated grace."

     -- Ken Capobianco/CNC News Group

"A rootsy, hard-edged rocker with the barroom soul of the pre-Woodstock Graham Parker and the unsparing insight of a working class poet."

     -- Chicago Sun-Times

"Writes and performs exceptional, roots-aware rock songs... with a personal fervor."

     -- Paul Robicheau/Boston Globe

"Last year Dennis Brennan released Jack in the Pulpit, which was the year's best blue-collar rock album even if it was largely ignored... Iodine in the Wine... reaffirm[s] the notion that he's one of the most underrated roots-rockers around."

     -- Washington Post

"That a talent like Brennan can stay relatively unknown is one of the travesties of the biz, but it also makes his music special for those lucky enough to find it"

     -- Stereo Review

"Brennan... has his hands full as both a romantic and a working man in grappling with an unsmiling fate. Even at his most downbeat, though, he suggests greater possibilities through the ripping conviction of his music, the intelligence of his poetry and the passionate strength of his vocals."

   --Chicago Sun-Times